Growing up, singer/songwriter Indira Ellis struggled to reconcile her classical vocal training and passion for musical theatre with her love of all things rock and alternative. Like many musicians, she spent her childhood writing songs and dreaming of taking the stage. In an ironic twist on the classic saying, Ellis convinced herself it was, in fact, a phase and that with enough searching she would "find" herself. This search took her to New York City, where she earned a degree in Film and Media studies and pretended that her music wasn't important to her.

Everything changed when she briefly became known among her fellow film students as "the lesbian vampire girl" despite being neither a lesbian nor a vampire. The fame it brought her was limited to the department, but the epiphany Ellis had changed her perspective. Perhaps she would never "find" herself but instead needed to accept herself. She uses her music to do just that. Oscillating between offering a shoulder to cry on and a friend to scream with, Ellis writes about the struggles and joys of self-realization and navigating one's place in the world. While she's not always sure what genre her music fits into, her work has been compared to the likes of Evanescence, Far Caspian, Men I Trust, and Lana del Rey.


[Her] voice is beautiful. Its amazing ringing gives me goosebumps when listening to it.” - Daria Ra
... gorgeous and almost eerie” - Girl at the Rock Shows
Emerge una nueva artista con la propuesta de la cantante y compositora Indira Ellis, con una formación vocal clásica y apasionada por el teatro musical, el rock y lo alternativo. Su estilo musical se establece dentro del rock, el folk y el country, siendo ‘Judgment Day‘ su primer sencillo bajo una producción más detallada publicado en 2023, un tema con tonalidades oscuras, mientras que recientemente ha publicado el sencillo ‘Hey There‘ explorando otros matices con elementos electrónicos de tono más esperanzador.” - Oliver Zurita

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